Monday, September 1, 2014

Life In My Eyes

I received this heartfelt email the other day. When I read it I got so teary eyed because I felt these words are what I truly feel inside and want to teach my children. It made me really think about what is important to me as a women and as a mother. This women I have never met sounded like one of my best friends I have known for 20 years. I always think about how people perceive me on the web because I don't want to look like someone I am not. I know a lot of people make their lives seem better then they are mainly because everyone post things that are great. (No one really wants to hear about your drama filled life, well atleast I don't. ) I want to hear good things. Something that lifts me up or makes me feel normal and real. I want my children to grow up and be good people. To not be selfish and screw people over for their benefit. I want them to be loving and appreciate the little things in life which to me are the beautiful tree outside or the mama bird laying on her nest. Remembering moms favorite flower.  I don't want them to be what society says, rich and flaunting what they have when most of the time it's charged on a credit card or given to them. Don't get me wrong I want my kids to be able to support themselves. It is amazing going on vacation or buying something you like. I would be much more disappointed with a child who makes a lot of money and screws family and friends over then a child who makes less and has morals. This post was written for my kids so when they grow up they can read this. So they can be reminded what life should be about. Life should not look good it should feel good.

Laugh and Love

Friday, August 29, 2014

Laguna Beach Shoot

While I was in California I got the chance to take some photos with the talented Vanessa at Love This Crazy Life. I love her style pictures because they aren't just point and shoot but what I call action shots. We took the photo shoot in Laguna Beach at the Montage. All the beaches in Laguna are absolutely amazing to take pictures at. I took my pregnancy photos here and it is a tradition to always come back. It is absolutley breathtaking.

A mother's greatest MASTERPIECE is her children. Please let me raise these young boys into amazing men.

Handmade Kimono- Alyson Renee here and here.
Jeans and Tank- Em and Tess
Jewelry-Forever 21

Sunday, August 17, 2014

La Brea Tar Pits

We went to the La Brea Tar Pits last week.This is such a great place to take the kids especially when you have boys! It is pretty amazing how the tar just seeps up off the ground and how many animals fossils have been found. The museum is short and sweet. I would love to just take my older son so we can really read everything and listen to the lectures but with my little ones it is pretty much impossible. They have a big walkway and grass area where the kids can run around. The boys got energy out which was nice because they passed out on the way home ;). I love the food trunks lined outside too. They have about 5 different trucks all different food so you pick whatever you like. I think we ate at 3 of them. Definitely recommend going here atleast once. It's amazing seeing the dinosaur bones, which the boys thought were amazing and it's educational at the same time.
I have been horrible with picture taken lately but I feel like I am enjoying life a little more and especially enjoying my vacation with my family and friends!

My loves below ♡

Laugh and Love

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wine and Dine

My sister and I went out the other night for a ladies night to a cute little place called The Cellar on Del Mar in San Clemente. Not only do I love this place for the wine and cheese plates but I absolutely love the live music. It was very relaxing and may I say it was kid free! We chatted for hours and drank wine. Definitely recommend going here. I love that you can dress casual but also dress up and still feel in place. I only recommend ordering your cheese plate before your wine so the cheese can reach room temperature. It taste much better with the wine. Some pictures ;)

My sister! Don't forget to check her clothing shop out located in San Clemente Em and Tess

My Outfit. One of my favorite shoes. They are half off now but only available in brown.

You can see another way I wore them here


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grand Theft Thrift

Excuse me for not posting so much but I am on vacation in California with my family and friends and of course are having a blast. I am actually fishing right now with my nephew and two of my boys in the lovely Dana Point harbor. I must say being away from the humidity in NC is nice but I do miss the warm water! Can't have it all I suppose!

You all know I am a thrift store junkie. Everything below was thrifted except the seven jeans. I am picking my moms plumeria tree to death. Sorry Mom! I just love smelling the flower throughout the day. It is the most amazing smell!

Laugh and Love

Friday, July 18, 2014

Kit Kat Cake

How cute is this cake?!! My neice and I made this the other day and I must say this is the easiest cutest cake to make. It has become a tradition for us to bake together. I love baking with the kids. Something fun and easy to do together. If your not much of a baker and need something easy or your just beginning to bake this is a great starter cake. We got a cake recipe from All Recipes but you can get any recipe for a round cake. It is two layers of vanilla cake and frosting then kit kats on the side and m&ms in the middle. I had to cut the kit kats about a quarter off so they weren't too tall or you can make an extra layer of cake and not cut the kit kats.  Then a cute bow tie around the cake. You can also put different fillings for the m&ms. Strawberries, blueberries or even cadbury eggs for Easter would be cute too.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hippie Headband

I love this headband from Rishshells! She has a great store and I am loving a ton of her pieces lately. All her jewelry is handmade which makes it made very well. You can really tell in her jewerly she does a good job making them, even with her packaging she sends is packaged well. It is not just thrown in a bag. She wraps it very nicely. The headband is made out of braided suede and is adjustable which I love because it doesn't slide everywhere like the other headpieces I have. This is a great piece to add a little boho or hippie vibe to an outfit. You can also wear it as a bracelet too! I need to buy some bells to wear with this piece!
Hope you all are having a great week. I am in California visiting family and friends and having a blast. I love that I don't have a huge house to clean for a while! ;)

You might have seen me post one of Rishells cell phone bling on instagram last week also. How cute is this. These are custom made also. You can pick any kind of charm and any color tassel!

Laugh and Love