Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIY All Natural Bug Spray

Here is the recipe for the bug spray I have been using with my essential oils I spoke about last week. There are many kinds you can use. This one I used Purification and Lavender but I switch it up sometimes and switch the Lavender out with peppermint. Make sure if you use peppermint you use with caution with any young children. Purification has a mix of citronella,rosemary,melaleuaca,lavandin and myrtle. I really like using purification because it already has a good mix and makes it easier. Or if you want you can add a little of whatever you prefer.I made a list below of good oils that repel bugs.I like switching them to get a different smell once in a while because over here bug spray is a must everyday! I live right in the middle of the forest so this is definitely deep woods tested. Just make sure you reapply if you go in the water or if your sweating a lot.
 My kids love the smell of all the bug sprays I use too. It's nice to smell something refreshing. On top that it smells good their are many beneficial properties in the oils.Lavenders great for calming, citronella is an anti-depressant,deodorant, inflammatory the list goes on. Just by inhaling these amazing oils you get the benefits of them. Win Win for me.

Witch Hazel 2 ounces
Purification 4 drops
Lavender 4 drops

Mix all ingredients together. If you want you can always make it stronger by adding more drops.


I know a lot of people think oils are expensive but if you made a 32 ounce bottle of all natural bug spray from oils it would cost you under $10.If your interested in having a non-toxic home you can sign up here. I ended up purchasing the Premium Starter Kit, might have seen on previous post so I could switch my whole house out of the the toxins and I absolutely love it! I really feel like it has changed my life. I will be posting my more recipes soon.

Hope you stay BUG FREE!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthier Salad Dressings

I wanted to share some of my dressings I use for salads. I usually don't use regular salad dressing like ranch,etc. I don't use them because they are always high in fat and the salad dressing usually ends up being your whole meal. I tend to stick to marinades whether it is ginger or mango marinades even BBQ Sauce.I like the taste of marinades better. They have more flavor and they don't taste like pure cream. I found some Indian cooking sauce from Costco that I love. Sharwoods is a great brand because their ingredients are all natural and they have no preservatives. Another good way to make a clean eating salad is to cook your protein in the sauce, make sure you add extra and then top your salad with the remaining sauce.

Here is a quick salad I made with some romaine lettuce, shredded boiled chicken,cilantro,basil,sauerkraut,avocado,tomatoes and Havarti cheese. It was so good. I looooove dill Havarti. I topped it with some marinade with Sharwoods Butter Chicken.

 I love all the sauces. They have some for every kind of food and the flavor is authentic.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Jumpsuit

How fun is this jumpsuit. I know I have said this before and I will keep say it over and over but they are just the easiest outfits ever along with maxi dresses. If you don't have a good fashion sense they are a no brainer. Throw on some shoes, grab a purse and your done. I love this jumpsuit and the hubby approves too. It is really comfortable and a light soft material. I almost fell asleep in it it is so comfortable.

I wore it here with some hemp shoes I have had for a while. I still can't get enough of this fringe purse. 

I wore it with black shoes here. My black hat would have looked great but it was windy that day and no sun. I have also worn it with black gladiator sandals for a more casual look if you have mom duties that day.

They are sold out of the jumpsuit but I found a couple other I love below.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Essential Oil Table

I made a table for all my essential oils. I originally had them in my cabinet in my hallway but I use them on a daily basis maybe even a few times a day so going into the cabinet was kind of a pain.I made a table with all my oils,diffuser,blue bottles and I will usually have a glass of water to fill up my diffuser. Of course I put some decorations including a piece of drift wood,deer antlers and a starfish. I originally saw someone drill holes in the driftwood to hold the oil bottles. I still want to do that I am just waiting for my husband to have time to do it. I really like having the table set up because any time I can save through out the day is a bonus.

The blue bottles I bought I absolutely love. The set came with three roller bottles,2 round misters, 1 treatment pump(good for face lotion) and a round dropper bottle. You can get the set here. I already made an all natural bug spray because it's bugland over here in the hotter months and a natural non-toxic cleaner that I LOVE! I will be posting the recipes soon.

Cheers to a healthy life. 
If your interested in oils you can sign up from a Young Living Member here. They have really changed my life and highly recommend you try them!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Healthy Eating

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and yay for the weekend! I have been so busy with the kids after school activities,doctors appointments,laundry,cooking,yoga,taking care of the dogs, cleaning the house(I know story of our lives,right!) I have been eating junk food lately and not that it's a bad thing I actually think it's great to indulge once in a while maybe even a few times a week. Ultimately I always try to eat healthy because it really makes me feel energized. If I start eating junk food on a regular basis I will feel groggy in the morning and it just sucks trying to get up. When I started eating REALLY healthy a few years back I never wanted to get back in eating bad food regularly because it's just not worth it to feel tired all day long, drinking coffee after coffee and taking care of three boys. I know a lot of mother's feel like this and I promise you if you change your eating habits it is so worth it!
I posted a sauerkraut recipe a few weeks ago you can see here. I made another batch with purple cabbage that came out amazing. I let this one sit longer, about four days and oooohh was it so good. I made a salmon steak the other night with some quinoa,steamed vegetables,sauerkraut on the side and some fresh basil and cilantro on top. This was so good and the only seasoning I used was the Himalayan Salt from the sauerkraut and olive oil from the salmon. I ate half this and saved the rest for another meal.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ocean and Lace

Saltwater Heals Everything

Warm weather is here! It is time for the Ocean and Lace. My dad is already emailing me to go to the beach this weekend. I can't wait to get my toes in the sand, collect shells and have the little monkeys running the shoreline .

Lace is my favorite material to wear when it is hot. It's great for for the humidity over here because it's nice and breezy. I'll be living in this all summer long, at the beach or even lounging at home.

Lace Cover Up- here
Fringe Bag-here
Gladiator Sandals-here

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