Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Randoms Eats Lately

Some food from recently. I can't not say how important it is to eat fermented foods! Your gut is the most important part of your body! Here is a post I wrote about fermented foods a few weeks back on my Instagram.

Did you know that most countries consume 5% to 40% of fermented foods in their diet everyday. This is slowly decreasing because of the Western Diet that consist of food high in animal fat. Fermented foods from drinks,vegetables, beans, tempeh to wine have amazing nutrients for the digestive tract. This ancient preparation and preservation gives beneficial enzymes and different strands of probiotics healing your gut. Your gut is the biggest component of your immune system and is where 95% of the absorption and nutrients take place. When your digestive tract is healthy your immune system will be healthy thus fighting off infection.If you have any stomach problems fermented foods are therapeutic and healing for the body. It is so easy to make fermented vegetables at home and it is a really cheap food. It is very important to make it at home because a jar in the super market has been pasteurized and heated killing all the beneficial nutrients leaving it pointless to consume. You are what you eat.

Pickled soy sprouts

Baked sweet potato with quinoa and white rice, sauerkraut, green beans, lima beans and green fungus mushrooms.

This plate doesn't have any fermented foods but I always eat some with one meal a day.

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