Thursday, December 19, 2013

Healthy Food Prep

My family got the flu this week and it sure was one of the worst three days ever. I understand why people want to get the vaccine now but I am still leaning towards the side of being vaccine free. It made me realize even more how much I love eating healthy and how eating good makes you feel great. Here are some ways I prep my food so my family can eat good. I like prepping because it's ready to go for a few days and those little hands can just pick whatever they want when they want.

Here I have quinoa/hemp seed mix, boiled chicken, corn, mixed veggies and cut up fruit. 

The most important part of food prepping are the vegetables for me. For the veggies I cut up raw cucumbers. I peel them with part of the peel so the kids can eat some of the dark green outside.I will peel a slice skip a peel around the whole cucumber then slice them in circles. I also have cut up onions, meyer lemons, corn, baby carrots and some steamed broccoli and normandy mix. I use lemons in a lot of my food too. They are high in vitamin c so I'll squeeze the juice in the our food and soups and also in my tea.

Here I got an organic caged free chicken. I recommend free range but that was what I could find. There is a big difference in taste, my family calls them exercise chickens :0 I boil the whole chicken then shred all the meat off. After all the meat is off I'll put the bones back in the water and let it boil for another hour with some carrots, peas and corn. That way I will have a broth ready to throw in some chicken and quinoa for some good soup. The chicken is also great for fast tacos and chicken quesadillas.

The broth after I am done with it.

I cook my quinoa in a rice cooker. All you do  is add the quinoa and water and press the white rice button. If you have read my previous post from before I mix quinoa with just about anything, brown rice, white rice, etc. I always press the white rice button whether it's brown rice or not and it always come out great.

Quinoa with some hemp seeds ready to cook

Quinoa topped with more hemp seeds. My kids love quinoa and having this ready is great because I'll roll it into balls for them and serve it with soy sauce.If you want to know how to make quinoa balls click here.

Always have to have fruit! I will cut up whatever I have. This will last a couple days. If you want the apples to not turn brown you can rinse them in some salt water.

Laugh and Love and HEALTH

I have most of these containers I use for my food prepping.

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