Essential Oils My Story

Hello and Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! Taking a step to a healthier you and even just reading about health is one step closer to feeling amazing and full of life. I am so passionate about living a healthy life because it makes you feel so much better and no one wants to deal with health problems. I suffered from really bad migraines. The point to where I can not do daily functions and I would lay in bed all day until they go away. I couldn't even take care of my kids. Last December I got a migraine so bad that I had to go to the hospital. I was in so much pain and crying. My husband couldn't do anything about it and felt horrible. The day after I had gone to the hospital I made the decision to use Young Living Essential Oils only to treat my ailment. Since I started using oils I have only had two migraines when I was getting them almost everyday! I haven't had one migraine since February of 2015 and I feel better then I have ever in my life. I am so amazed with these oils and they have forever changed my life.

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