Starting Your Oil Journey

Are you ready to change your life forever? Below I have put instructions on how to enroll in Young Living and become a wholesale member. Buying a Premium Starter Kit will be changing your life forever.! It will be the best decision you will ever make! I promise:)

Here is what the kit looks like. Also comes with a roller top and more samples.

1. Head on over to the sign up page by clicking right HERE
2. Select Sign up as: “Wholesale Member” (this will get you 24% off forever & always!)
3. It should be done for you, but just to be safe, make sure that my member number is both the Sponsor ID & Enroller ID: 2572793. In order to sign up you need to sign up through a member.
4. Fill out your name, billing & shipping address, SSN, and contact info. (Your SSN will never be used unless you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, in which case they’d send you a 1099 as required by law at the end of the year. And never fear! If you don’t decide to pursue the business end of YL, it will never be used.)
5. Read and Check the Terms & Conditions.
6. Create a username, password and pin. Write these down so you can quickly & easily access the site again.
7. The fun part! Select your Premium Starter Kit! There are a few different selections here.  Be sure that you’re selecting the Premium Starter Kit that contains the Everyday Essential Oils.  If you do not select this kit you will not get your oils (which of course are the best part!) There are two types of diffusers that you can select with the Everyday Oils included, one contains the Home Diffuser and the other is the Bamboo Diffuser. The Aroma Diffuser covers more room area and it is $10 more.
8. I recommend clicking “No, thank you.” for Step 3. No need to sign up for Essential Rewards at this point!  Once you start using and loving your oils this is an option for reorders later down the road.  : )
9. Enter your payment info.
10. CHECK OUT! Be sure you get all the way to the confirmation page.

After you’ve ordered your kit please send me an email at letting me know that you are starting your oily journey so that I can send you lots of information about getting started.  I will also add you to my closed Facebook groups with lots more information and more posts by other oil fanatics (like you will soon become).  If you decide to join our team you will also be added to exclusive Facebook Groups and sent a private Business Boot Camp video explaining all about the business side of Young Living.  *There is no any obligation to become a distributor when ordering your starter kit.

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