Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Humans,Diet and Diseases

One of my childhood friends wrote about this the other day on Instagram. I wanted to share it because it is so true. Cutting down on meat and all animals products will make you feel amazing and so much more energized. I couldn't download his picture he shared so I found this chart online. It is pretty self explanatory. I haven't taken meat out of my diet completely but I have drastically taken it out of our diet tremendously. I am sure you have noticed with all my recipes, a lot being vegetarian. I know it is a hard lifestyle change but I promise you will feel sooooo much better.

This is what he wrote on his Instagram

Out of 32 teeth, humans have majority molar flat teeth. There are 4 fang like teeth which are used to open things like sugar cane which is a hard plant. If humans were meant to eat meat they would have a majority of sharp teeth like all flesh eaters have. Plants provide all of the amino acids and nutrients that are known to be essential for human or chimpanzee except for vitamin D(which they get from abundant sun) and vitamin B12(which comes from bacteria) Gorillas are the largest and most powerful leaving primate and yet are the closest to following what human beings would consider a vegan diet. Elephants are huge and they don't need meat as many think it is impossible to survive without meat protein. The truth is meat has been used by scavengers and nomad tribes for survival but has never been the primary diet of humans as many are thought to believe. All civilized priesthoods including the agent Egyptians and early Christian or Essenes were all vegetarian based. People think of meat as a source of protein but it's mainly a source of calories especially from fat. Chimpanzees are mainly fruit eater's but they also eat a lot of vegetables. The problem with fruit is that it's seasonal. The ability to use animals for food may have helped human being survive to the modern era especially in the Arctic but animal-based foods are a major cause of death and disability in the United States today. Chimpanzees probably eat less meat than just about any human population. Animal-based foods and fatty processed foods(along with pesticides and additives) Are the main contributing causes of the diseases of affluence. Beyond health reasons meat sits in the stomach for a year and is very heavy. This is just a little bit of info on why I chose to be a vegetarian over a year ago. I'm not telling anyone what to do just giving everyone some info on these subjects so you can be aware and have knowledge for yourself to make the best decision for yourself.

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