Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Seaside Garden

I wasn't going to write today but I love blogging and I know a few have been asking about my garden. It is a type of therapy for me getting to write down what I am doing and how I feel in my life. I also love documenting so my children can go back and read where I was in my life at the time or what we were doing as a family incase they had forgotten being so little.
My favorite hobby is gardening and doing crafts. I have always been an artistic person. My dad wanted me to go to France for art school when I was younger but I didn't want to leave my family for so long. So now I just do art in different ways. I love getting outside with the kids and they love helping.  They love watering of course, I think most of the water goes on them and half the time I'm squirting them with the hose but we are having fun so that is all that matters. Having three boys and digging dirt, what more does a little boy want.
My favorite family time is in our yard,  making a house a home. Spending family time together.
Some pictures of our process.
Here is a vine my friend was throwing away. I took it got some shells and drilled them into the wood. I bought a tray of succulents from Lowes cut them out with the coconut liner and net, you can see below. Then placed them in the shells. When the succulents grow a little more and start hanging it will be beautiful.

Our planters we made. We were going to make hanging planters but ended up just drilling them into the deck. You can make these with pretty moulding and paint them. I didn't paint them because they are holding my herbs and I don't want the chemicals in my food. I planted lavender, mint, rosemary, pineapple sage, lemon thyme, sweet mint, chocolate mint, flat italian parsley, sweet basil and curled parsley.

Some arrangements I made

There is me planting all our fruits and veggies. I think we planted every vegetable possible.

Here is our driveway. I have always loved southern homes with beautiful tress along the driveway. We planted six eastern redbud along the sides. They bloom a beautiful purple pink flower.I can not wait til they mature!

Hope your having fun with spring too!!!

Laugh and Love