Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Coastal Christmas

Every year I always decorate my house with a beach theme for Christmas. I already have many decorations around my house and totes of shells stacked away so I'll get creative and decorate my tree coastal style with what I have around the house. Last year I did starfish so this year I got cockel shells and drilled small holes in tthe bottom of them, then placed a small piece of raffia to hang them with(you might have already seen my post on instagram @3tharpboys).
I also ended up making beach theme garland which consisted of, cockle shells, starfish, scallop shells and Florida round sand dollars. I drilled holes in the shells and just tied the string around the starfish just incase I wanted to use them again in another arrangement. The holes in the shells you can hardly tell because of their shape. If you are using a flat shell I would recommend gluing the string to the back that way you can use them again without a hole in them. I tied the raffia to a piece of natural brown twine I hung on my fireplace mantle. If you don't have have shells my favorite online store is Sea Shell City. They have a great variety on shell ocean decor.

You can see the pictures below.

I love seeing everyone's unique style during the Christmas season. Hope your having as much fun as I am decorating ;)

I still need to find a decoration for the wall above my fireplace.

Laugh and Love


  1. Lovely. I lived on the central coast of Calif. and this would've been perfect!

    1. Thank you. You can always bring the coast to you ;)

  2. Absolutely beautiful-just be careful w/fire place- you guys did an awesome job : )

    1. Thanks ;) I have the fireplace on everyday and love it!