Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa is coming

I wanted to share some fun things we do on Christmas Eve for the kids because Santa is coming!

1. Make reindeer food. We get oatmeal, glitter, sprinkles, anything you can find thats colorful and the kids will love to just throw in a bowl and mix. It's pretty messy but fun and they love it.

2. We will be putting carrots out for the reindeer also. My girlfriend gave us a great idea. She chews them up and spits them up outside. Gross! You know the kids will love it though!

3. I'm going to tape/wrap our stairway entrance up and say the elfs did it because they didn't want the kids getting out, courtesy of Pinterest.

4. Every year we get a couple presents and leave them hanging off the roof. We pretend Santa dropped them on his way out. Then we make a big deal about how we need to get them. Akai loves this. All he has been asking is if we can check the roof.

5. Last but not least cookies for Santa! I know you all already do this. I think my husband made every kind yesterday. We resorted to pre made cookie dough. I got a little cooking break and it was nice.

Any other ideas you all have? Let me know!

Some pictures from Christmas a few years back ♥

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