Sunday, May 3, 2015

Relax Mamas

So I named this post relax mama because I know I have a lot of mama followers but this is great for anyone having a rough day. These oils seriously take the stress away and calm me so much. When I am having a really stressful day and my mind is going a hundred miles a minute these make me feel amazingly free. It is like I have had my shoulders up to my head all day and the minute I diffuse these I feel like my shoulders are hanging low, my mind is blank and calm.They make me sleep like a baby too! It is seriously amazing!

Add 3 drops on each of these oils in your diffuser and have an amazing relaxing evening.The best nights sleep too. You can add less oil also. I prefer 4-6 in mine. Usually 6.

Stress Away oil is amazing. I can really smell the vanilla and lime in it which is great for calming.It is also made with copaiba and lavender which restores your equilibrium. It is so important to restore your equilibrium. If you don't know, your equilibrium is restoring your system, taking all the bad influences away, restoring it back to a stable and balanced life. All the negative or stresses of life can be life changing. It can make you have anxiety or make you have migraines which in my case I have. It can even make you hurt physically. Your body can be sore or just being tired all the time. Stress is a killer and can ruin a whole day or week for some people even their whole life. Sometimes I overthink  which causes my stress. This oil is amazing and just relaxes me back to be care free and open.

White Angelica is also amazing. With myrhh that was used in ancient times this oil makes me feel my spirit open up. Everyone has an aura. An aura is a halo that surrounds your whole body. It should be bright and colorful. It represents your physical, mental,emotional and spiritual being. Healthy people tend is have a brighter aura where as unhealthy people don't and tend to have bits of black.Your aura is energy that connects to everything, people, trees, animals THE UNIVERSE. It is so important to keep your aura bright by maintaining a healthy mind, body, spirit. Everything is made up of energy including your aura that is why it is so important to be around healthy energy to maintain a healthier balance stable life.

I have so much gratitude for my friend Jamie who introducing me to these oils. They have changed life completely and could never imagine my life without them.

Laugh and Love,

P.S. These oils are great for yoga. They will make your practices very peaceful. You will be able to stretch further and your spiritual awareness will be heighten. 

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