Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rain OR Thunder

Raise your words,
not your voice. 
It's rain that grows flowers 
not thunder-Rumi

I love Rumi's quote. I know no one is perfect and sometimes yelling is just natural, a part of being a human. But too much of anything will make you an addict. I yell, I feel like I yell a lot. I depise it every time because I always look back and think we'll I could have handled that a little different, maybe with a little more patience. Maybe I should have explained why instead of no then maybe my children would understand the situation a little better. I think goodness, my kids are learning to just yell and not express their feelings or learn to communicate in a healthy way. There is also a great saying my Grandmother would say to my Father and my Father would say to me:

Children should be seen,not heard

I do believe that there is so much truth to this. Sometimes when I say no to my kids I expect them to just say yes mom and be quiet. No explanation at all. They are children and I am there mother raising them so they should listen no if, ands or buts. It is hard raising kids but I know as a parent one little mistake can me feel bad.I am only human and far from perfect so the only thing I can do is forgive myself and always strive to be a better person so I can be the best parent I know. It is hard to balance this little guys. It's always hard when I care so much about something because I want to do it right.

 I wanted to share this quote I saw this morning because I think it has so much truth. Our children our growing just like the flowers. I'll choose Rain over 
Thunder....................most of the time ♥

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  1. That was a sweet post and Dixie is still studying, so doesn't look like we'll make it. :)

    1. I figured. If I don't hear from you by 5 then your probably staying home. Next weekend:)