Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

What real apple juice looks like 🍎

This week I made fresh apple juice. I love fresh apple juice because it has so many benefits. It's one of those fruits that are so common I kind of forget all the the health benefits they have. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right.?!! It's amazing how much different fresh apple juice compared to store-bought apple juice looks and taste. I can also tell how much my body feels and how clear my skin gets. Store bought will not do that.If you want to detox, apple juice is a natural laxative. It will clean your liver and colon out because of it's high fiber content. I drink a little everyday in the morning with other veggies as well. Now I don't think drinking just juice for days is good for detoxing. I have it with a healthy mostly raw meal.I personally could never strictly drink juice. I think that you should detox your body every day whether it's a salad, juice or raw fruit. Ingredients like lemon and turmeric should put incorporated regularly. 
I make juice once a week. I make about a gallon then dilute it about 25%, if it's just apple juice. If I make a more green juice I keep it pure.If you wanted you could juice for the whole month then freeze it. Freezing it is a lot better then store bought. They filter it so much that there are hardly any benefits left. Juicing everyday is the best for me because I love the fresh taste but it is so time consuming so I'll make a gallon for the week then juice here and there.

This is only about 25% of the benefits of Apple's!

Micronutrients- help stop free radicals

Vitamin C- antioxidant and helps prevent        infectious agents

Fiber- detoxing, losing weight, lowers cholesterol and helps fight diseases

B-Complex- Good for the nervous system

Calcium-good for bones

Potassium- Good for organs to function properly. Low potassium contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke,arthritis and infertility.

Phosphorus- bones, phone balance, helps oxygen to the tissues. Gives energy

Beta Carotene- slow progression of cataracts, cancer, heart disease, prevent macular degeneration, boost immunity, protect against Sun, asthma,depression, Parkinson's Disease,psoriasis,arthritis,high blood pressure

Vitamin E- helps immunity, healthy skin and eyes

Magnesium- keeps blood pressure normal,  helps bones and keeps heart rhythm normal

Folate- Good for cell growth, metabolism and pregnant women. Crucial for baby's brain and spinal cord

Riboflavin- helps cervical cancer, migraines, acne,muscle cramps, Carple tunnel, eye conditions

Thiamine- helps inflammation of the nerves, ulcerative colitis, aging, cerebellar syndrome (brain)

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