Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Travel Diffuser

I shared my travel diffuser on my personal FB last week and wanted to share it here with you all! You all know how I love my oils. I seriously could never live without them. I Love diffusing them at home and whenever I am in the car always wanted to diffuse them. Akai my oldest son always gets car sick. I mean it was to the point where it drove me nuts. I felt so bad for him and the medicine we would give him always made him drowsy. He would fall asleep and feel tired all day never being able to enjoy the day feeling great. Now I can put some oils in, he won't get car sick and the car smells aaaaamazing! It also benefits my whole family. Especially myself with my migraines.
 I get migraines from time to time as some of you might already know and if I am traveling long distances the diffuser is a life saver. I have had a couple migraines the past month. I can always tell when a migraine is coming because I see the light. If you never had a migraine a lot of people see a light about 15 minutes before the pain kicks in. When I see the light I automatically know to get my oils. If I diffuse my oils and smell the oils or use topically within the 15 minutes I will get no pain. Yessss,no pain amazingly. I will still get tiredness of a migraine. But if you have had a migraine I am sure you will take the tiredness over the pain anyday! The oils are really kind of magical to me.

Here is the diffuser. I am going to place it top of my dashboard with some Velcro so it is up higher. That way the vents will circulate the diffused oil much better. 
For motion sickness and migraines I use Peppermint for both ailments. You can actually see I store my oils in my coin departments. A 15 ml bottle fits in my quarter slot perfectly. If it starts getting too hot or cold or you don't have a top to shut so it's dark I would recommend just leaving it in your purse.

Cheers to Holistic Health. If you are interested in the best quality oils you can Order Here. I don't know how many times I will say how important it is to get good quality oils. It really makes a difference in how well they work.

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