Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yoga Shrine

I posted the other day some Boho bedroom inspiration. Part of my bedroom I have started a little yoga area. I call it my shrine. I use to do yoga upstairs but I have found it way more relaxing doing it in my bedroom. Right after I drop the kids off at the bus stop I head straight to "The Shrine" and do some yoga. Usually Boomer, my youngest is right there next to me doing it with me. It is really cute although sometimes distracting for me. You can see in some of the pictures I have my laptop where I follow a video. I have some favorites from youtube I will share in a different post.The mirror is great for checking my posture. I am currently looking for a bigger mirror because the one I have is too small. It is great for when I am on the floor but when I stand up I can not see myself. More plants will be incorporated too!

I put some oils in my diffuser while I do yoga. You can see it to the right. Today I put-
Peppermint for clear breathing and breathe awareness.
Frankincense for a deeper spiritual cleansing
Lavender for calming and relaxing.

Candle are always a nice touch to everything

 I added some my my own personal touch. Some shells,a mermaid (can't see, it's on the table) and my Buddha. I think it is so important to have your house with things you love. I love walking into someones house and seeing their soul and not a stage you see in the mall.

Hope you are having a great week!
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