Monday, March 16, 2015

Essential Oil Table

I made a table for all my essential oils. I originally had them in my cabinet in my hallway but I use them on a daily basis maybe even a few times a day so going into the cabinet was kind of a pain.I made a table with all my oils,diffuser,blue bottles and I will usually have a glass of water to fill up my diffuser. Of course I put some decorations including a piece of drift wood,deer antlers and a starfish. I originally saw someone drill holes in the driftwood to hold the oil bottles. I still want to do that I am just waiting for my husband to have time to do it. I really like having the table set up because any time I can save through out the day is a bonus.

The blue bottles I bought I absolutely love. The set came with three roller bottles,2 round misters, 1 treatment pump(good for face lotion) and a round dropper bottle. You can get the set here. I already made an all natural bug spray because it's bugland over here in the hotter months and a natural non-toxic cleaner that I LOVE! I will be posting the recipes soon.

Cheers to a healthy life. 
If your interested in oils you can sign up from a Young Living Member here. They have really changed my life and highly recommend you try them!

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