Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Taste of Spain- Paella

I love Paella. My girlfriend went to Spain for a couple years and she would always call me and tell me about Paella. I wanted to be there with her so bad because you know food is the best in it's home country. Paella is Mediterranean rice topped with seafood, chorizo, chicken,bell peppers,tomatoes,peas,garlic and herbs.People make it with different kinds of seafood, whatever is to your tasting. It is a very diverse dish that can be changed up. I have seen it with lamb and snails too!

I found some pre-made at Costco that I had to get. It was really easy to make. Add a little oil to the pan, stir in rice then topped it with the seafood and meat. Cover and cook for ten minutes. If you have some extra shrimp at home you can add some more also. That way you will eat less rice. A side salad is good too. I like this pre-made paella because the shrimp came raw. It makes it taste more fresh even though it is semi- homemade. I can not tell you how much I love Costco!

I am definitely going to try and make this homemade.

It comes with two packs. This was one.

What the box looks like

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