Thursday, March 20, 2014

Raising Children RIGHT!

I know there are many controversies about how parents should raise their children. There are books written by doctors with WOW doctorate degrees and mothers who have had children who think they have been there done that so they know exactly how to raise the perfect child. Do I listen to them? Yes, I do but most of the time I don't agree with them and that's ok. It is not that they are wrong or I'm right but they have a different opinion then me or do things differently. Maybe just maybe both ways of raising a child might work out. I kind of look at it like cooking. You can make an amazing dish with chicken but how many different ways can you make it, boiled, bbq, fried, stir fried, etc etc and the list can go on. All of them will turn absolutely wonderful but in amazingly different ways. That is how I look at raising my own children.

I did things my way with my kids. Why because I am their mother and I go by my motherly instincts. It took me a few years after I had my first child to realize that I don't have to do what people told me to do second guessing myself (their is a big difference in being told what to do and having a loving suggestion). I hated that feeling when people told me how to raise my kids, I still don't like it, I just zone people like that out now. There are many things I did that are supposedly not good for my kids.
I breastfeed all my babies to sleep. Big NO, right?! Well I did and they loved it. My motherly instinct told me to do it, why, because they were babies and I felt I needed to baby them, hug them and hold them. So I did.
I never let them cry to sleep. I tried once with my first and a few times with my second but hated it. It felt wrong. So I stopped. Isn't it ridiculous how I second guessed my motherly instinct and even went on to my second child trying to do what the books and people told me. I'll never again make that choice. I rocked every single one of my babies to bed...... and I am so glad I did. It's a memory that makes my heart feel warm and big. I have no regrets, none at all.

I just felt like writing today. These are just a couple things I have done differently with my children. I have been thinking about my children alot. Raising them RIGHT. They are all growing up so fast. I have no more babies in the house. I am now raising young boys to be young men to be good men. I wanted to reflect back on how I felt I raised them right and how I am going to in the future. It's a tough decision deciding on what ways you want to dicipline your kids because everyone has their own way. I feel every person/child is different and only the parents really know how to handle their children. We are with them every day of their life not just someone giving their opinion looking in through a window.

Some pictures of my life.

The boys and I

Akai 4 months old

3 years old

7 years old

Mykah three days old

1 month old

2 years old

Boomer first week home

1 year old

2 years old

Mykah and Daddy

At our first home in CA

NC vacation before we moved here. I was pregnant with Boomer

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