Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alison's Birthday and Hibachi

One of my best friends birthday was this week and we celebrated by getting some dinner at Hakata, a hibachi and sushi restaurant. It is hers and my favorite place to eat. I always have fun eating in front of Habachi. It's always fun when someones entertains you and cracks jokes. The kids were mesmerized and entertained too ;) They actually sat still for a while. I got to eat in peace for a whole 10 minutes but it really felt like a lifetime!
We get to have a girls night out tomorrow also so staaaay tuned ;)

Birthday Girl

Onion Volcano

So serious

I took a picture of our drinks, Boomer had to stick his apple juice in it, future blogger

Now there amazed


I always order sushi. My favorites are anything with tuna. Below is a rainbow roll and chilled apple sake.

Alison and the family

Just the two of us ;)

Might have seen this one on instagram already

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.I know I will
Laugh and Love

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