Monday, March 31, 2014

Crochet Tank

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine would have been fabulous especially with my girls night out but I ended up getting sick half way through the night and had to leave early.  I have been in bed for two days.I feel much better today just exhausted! My husband has been taking care of the kids and I must say it it hilarious. He keeps asking me how I keep the house so clean. I just start laughing and nodding my head.
On another note, I love spring being here and being able to wear tank tops. I found this crochet tank from Forever 21 I wore out Saturday night that I loooove! If your a California girl you know that every mall in California has a Forever 21. Everyone shops there because it the cheapest and cutest store. When I went out one of my girlfriends was also wearing Forever 21( she is from there also) Since I have moved 3000 miles away from CA there aren't any store in my area so I just order online.  There is free shipping with $50 which I love because I really don't like buying things I have to pay shipping for and $50 at Forever 21 can get you a lot. It's definitely for the cheap chic! My crochet tank was only $12.80.

Crocheted Tank- Forever 21 (bought two weeks ago and they are sold out of white already, they still have black)
Boots- Cathy Jean
Hieroglyphic Earrings-Forever 21

Laugh and Love


  1. That's boo about not having a F21 near you! But oftentimes, I prefer shopping their website vs. in store - sometimes I don't have the strength to dig! Or you find that perfect piece misplaced with other stuff and can't find where the "rest of them" are to actually find your proper size! That's definitely happened to me more than once there!
    Great summer tank! Glad (and jealous) that you can go sleeveless!
    Thanks for linking up! Carylee |

    1. You soooo made me realize how unorganized their store is. I'd have to say I am glad I have to shop online. I remember how flustered I use to get in the store. Express is wayyyy better! Thanks Carylee. Love blogging with you ;)