Monday, December 2, 2013

Life Lately

My life in November.
I always feel like everywhere I go I am always taking pictures, sometimes I feel like it's too much and maybe having the internet is over the top, having to catch every moment in your life to show the world. I guess that is the life of having the internet now a days. It's funny though because when I go to post my pictures I always think to myself "I didn't take enough" and then I think, what is better then looking back on your life and having those pictures to look at. Even the birth of my kids wasn't so long ago and I still love looking at every picture of them born. So in the end, all that picture taking is well worth it to me.

Mykah after a hard days play. He fell asleep next to the warm fire.

Beach day In November. Yes In North Carolina :)

I can never get tired of a colorful sunset. I don't think anyone could. I la la la LOVE sitting on my deck and watching it.

We went black friday shopping. I normally don't plan on shopping but the boys wanted to see Thor and I can't go with a 2 year old so it was off to the mall for us :) I got some great sweaters.

Thanksgiving Playtime

I saw this and said to myself "REALLY" I ordered a blended version. Beans N Screens in Emerald Isle and Java Post in Cape Carteret have the BEST coffee. They are much pricier then starbucks but well worth it.

My friend Lauren and I sippin on our frappe. I sure will miss her!

Laugh and Love