Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Girl's Day

My best friend Tricia is visiting and we had a fun girl's day out. It was nice getting out and having a kids free day. We did a little thrift store shopping, ate some good food and went walking through Emerald Isle. Nice and relaxing!
Us at Flipperz
 Couple glasses of wine won't hurt us!
We ordered the Crab Cake Sandwhich and Oyster Po Boy with sweet potato fries. We shared these and they were amazing! 
Oyster Po Boy
Tricia in front of Flipperz 
The view from our walk on the Pier
Laugh and Love                                                                                                            
 photo D1093A6DD68335F2043E08F94B839EA2_zps4d5ed7c1.png

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