Friday, August 16, 2013

Healthy Food Prep

To make it easier for myself and my family I always prep veggies and some kind of protein that are ready to go. I have this container with separate compartments so I can cut different veggies up. My husband and kids also love this. It's super easy and a fast snack having them cut up and ready to dip in ranch dressing. It's a easy way to incorporate more veggies in your diet. I'll also have some baby carrots, and salad mix too. Avocados are a must also. We cut them in cubes inside the skin, add a little salt and the kids eat them right up. Besides the cut up veggies I also make some hard boil eggs and beans and either rice or quinoa. I normally prep every two days with the veggies. I like them nice and fresh. This makes eating healthy a lot easier and it's much cheaper prepping the food yourself rather then buying pre made bags that are probably old.

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