Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diet and Losing Weight

Is this the story of everyones life or what?!! I've been trying to loose weight since I am done breastfeeding my lil man. I have lost 12 pounds and need to loose another 10 to get to my goal weight. It's so hard and I understand how hard it is for people to do especially when you have kids. I am really happy I am able to have some self control to do this and mainly for health reasons. I don't get sick when my kids get sick because I am at a healthier weight (within my BMI) . It is so worth all the effort just for that.
I am always looking for new health recipes because eating vegetables can get boring so I try to switch it up whether it is just cutting veggies differently. 
Here is a fish recipe my mom makes. Everyone who knows my mom LOVES her food. This one is super easy again so it's a plus for me! I also made a salad on the side.

Easy Ginger Fish
A few of your favorite white fish filets (I used tilapia) 2 tablespoons Oyster sauce
1 clove garlice sliced
2 tablespoons thinly sliced ginger
Few sprigs cilantro

Put fish filet in pan with oyster sauce and garlic on top. Cover and cook on low until fish is cook through.  It will depend on size of filet. Top with ginger and cilantro. You could add green onions also. As always adjust anything to your taste.

If your a vegetarian you can make this with tofu and vegetarian oyster sauce.

Yellow Squash Salad
2 yellow squash shredded
1/2 spinach
2 stems cilantro, take leaves off ( you can use mint or any kind of herb)

Mix together squash, spinach and cilantro. Sprinkle peanuts on top then use your favorite dressing.  I used Japanese marinade/dressing. A lot of marinades are less fat so I try to use them instead.

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