Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Healthy Food Lately

Some healthy Food Lately! Sorry for the blurry pictures! Life is just not perfect :)

Salad with veggie,pickled soy sprouts,turkey and Taro Root. You can get Taro Root at an asian store. Most Regular grocery stores don't carry it.

Another salad with almonds,avocado and chia These are quick salads I put together when I am in a hurry or will be out all day and don't want to stop and eat bad food. The container this is in is from Costco's food court. It is their Caesar Salad container. I love these containers. I save them every time I go because they are perfect for storing and I love the way they stack.

Veggie Hummas Rolls and a tomato slad with basil,cucumbers and olive oil.

Shopping cart for the week. I shop Costco a lot. They have a lot of organic foods and the best deals.Trader Joes is always a must. The Costco insulated bags are awesome to keep in the back of your car in case your out for a while and don't want your cold food to spoil. I have one for the beach and one for my car.

Typical dinner. Rice,ground turkey with lemongrass,garlic and ginger. Pre-made kale and cabbage salad from Costco.

Wine and Fruit. Yess wine is healthy!!! As long as you don't drink the whole bottle. Which yes I do sometimes :)

Cookie Butter!!! Best thing ever besides Nutella!

Laugh,Love and Health

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