Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIY All Natural Bug Spray

Here is the recipe for the bug spray I have been using with my essential oils I spoke about last week. There are many kinds you can use. This one I used Purification and Lavender but I switch it up sometimes and switch the Lavender out with peppermint. Make sure if you use peppermint you use with caution with any young children. Purification has a mix of citronella,rosemary,melaleuaca,lavandin and myrtle. I really like using purification because it already has a good mix and makes it easier. Or if you want you can add a little of whatever you prefer.I made a list below of good oils that repel bugs.I like switching them to get a different smell once in a while because over here bug spray is a must everyday! I live right in the middle of the forest so this is definitely deep woods tested. Just make sure you reapply if you go in the water or if your sweating a lot.
 My kids love the smell of all the bug sprays I use too. It's nice to smell something refreshing. On top that it smells good their are many beneficial properties in the oils.Lavenders great for calming, citronella is an anti-depressant,deodorant, inflammatory the list goes on. Just by inhaling these amazing oils you get the benefits of them. Win Win for me.

Witch Hazel 2 ounces
Purification 10 drops
Lavender 10 drops

Mix all ingredients together. If you want you can always make it stronger by adding more drops.
Update-I really like adding Eucalyptus. It is probably my favorite.


I know a lot of people think oils are expensive but if you made a 32 ounce bottle of all natural bug spray from oils it would cost you under $10.If your interested in having a non-toxic home you can sign up here. I ended up purchasing the Premium Starter Kit, might have seen on previous post so I could switch my whole house out of the the toxins and I absolutely love it! I really feel like it has changed my life. I will be posting my more recipes soon.

Hope you stay BUG FREE!

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