Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Children and Crafts

As you probably noticed I haven't been blogging much. I took a little break and I must say it was absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time for the holidays soaking up my kids as much as possible. I hope you all had a great one too!

I am big on crafts. It is what I do. I have done crafts since I was a kid. When I was little I would go outside and grab nature, bring sticks, rocks anything I could find home and start using my mom's hot glue gun. I feel crafts are an amazing way for a kid to use their imagination. Imagination is critical in a child's development and crafting for me builds their imagination. It helps them build themselves into the person they truly are. Not only are crafts amazing for their brains it is great for their motor skills. My second son was born premature and his right hand he has trouble with using so crafting for him has helped tremendously as would with any child. Now I watch The VIEW religiously. I don't EVER miss an episode. I love Whoopi, Nicole, Rosie and Rosie. Rosie O'Donnell loves crafting and always speaks about how wonderful it is and how great it is for children and adults. I completely agree. 

I set up a little craft table a few months ago for my children. I got one of our folding tables from lowes then went out and bought paints,crayons,water pastels, different paper, stickers and play dough. I really like Apple Barrel Paint because it is non-toxic and squeezable. I don't like screwing a lid off every paint color. It saves time and is faster. The kids also received Brookstone Sand for Christmas that I highly recommend. It is kinetic sand with a texture the kids really like. Castles don't stay up very long but the kids stay entertained with it longer then most other crafts.

They absolutely love it. Now aside from TV and videos games when we our home they are either outside or on the craft table. Love it!

Sorry for the picture quality. Both my cameras broke recently!

I save all my favorite picture and hang them on the wall. Eventually the walls will be covered in my kids imagination.

Laugh and Love


  1. Looks good, now to post a picture of the table after a good day's play. :)