Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wine and Dine

My sister and I went out the other night for a ladies night to a cute little place called The Cellar on Del Mar in San Clemente. Not only do I love this place for the wine and cheese plates but I absolutely love the live music. It was very relaxing and may I say it was kid free! We chatted for hours and drank wine. Definitely recommend going here. I love that you can dress casual but also dress up and still feel in place. I only recommend ordering your cheese plate before your wine so the cheese can reach room temperature. It taste much better with the wine. Some pictures ;)

My sister! Don't forget to check her clothing shop out located in San Clemente Em and Tess

My Outfit. One of my favorite shoes. They are half off now but only available in brown.

You can see another way I wore them here


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