Monday, November 4, 2013


I went out with some friends the other night and had so much fun. We went to dinner at a Japanese Steak house called Hakata in Jacksonville, NC and did some karaoke and drinks afterwards. Out of all the teppan restaurants I have been too this has been the best. The cook was one of the most entertaining I have had. Not only did he do tricks but was telling jokes along the way making every one laugh! Pictures of the night!

Chilled lychee sake! You have to try!

Seaweed Salad. One of my favorites ;)

Tuna Rolls are always my favorite sushi.

Laaadies Night!

You can't go out without dancing.

Singing Adele-Someone Like You
Don't mind are demon eyes ;)

Ending the night,

With laughter,

and exhaustion!

Laugh and Love ♥

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