Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tree Branch Clothes Hanger

I posted a picture of this the other day on my social networks and I wanted to share it here in case any of you haven't seen.
My girlfriend knows I love crafting so she brought me this branch she found on a walk. I decided to give my room a little character and make a little clothing rack with some of my favorite clothing items. I hung some kimonos, lace, fringe and some silk items I love.
It was really easy to make. All I did was get some hooks and screwed them in the ceiling.  Make sure you screw them in a stud. Then hang the branch with some sand color rope. I then hung one piece of rope on each side and hot glue guned shells all the way down. I put some maroon colored silk hydrangea on the top for some pop of color and a shell on the opposite side. I love how it turned out.  I love when I go get a clothing item off it and I can smell the wood. It is so calming. It was fun to make and hope you try it.

Laugh and Love