Friday, June 13, 2014

CHEAP CHIC Coin Necklace

I found this coin necklace for $12.99 at Charlotte Russe. I know a lot of people love the popular Bohemian coin necklace. You can't really find one for less then $80 so this is a great deal for a knock off. Also if you sign up with your email you will get notified when they have their happy hour and prices go down to $5. On top of that they have discounts all the time. Today they have 30% off the whole store. Everyone loves a deal ;)
This outfit is a good effortless out to dinner one. My husband calls me a vampire but if it were up to him I would be in hot pink and we all know that will not happen! It's amazing how a little red lips can make an outfit so fancy smancy.

Coin Necklace here
Lace Dress- Grand theft thrift

Laugh and Love

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