Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Strawberry Fields Forever

Ever since we went strawberry picking the other day I have been singing The Beatles. Stuck in my head on repeat! The strawberry field is literally 3 minutes from my house so I think we will be visiting this place on a weekly basis. It is very likely living in NC that crops will be your neighbors!  The strawberries are so much better then store bought and the farmer doesn't spray with pesticides. Just good old water. You know that saying "get to know your farmers", well I am doing it and it is nice to know how and what they put in their crops. Not just a label from the FDA which, really can we trust(that will be another blogpost)!!! On to the pictures ;)

Strawberries anyone?

Strawberry hair, Strawberry picking. Look at that red hair!
Mom and Daughter
Sun hat and strawberries
Petting the dogs
Hugs Goodbye. Soooo cute!

All the strawberries

Laugh and Love

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