Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quick Fresh Juice

I love fresh juice. It is so refreshing when it is hot outside. Cold fresh juice taste so amazing in the hot summer days. I am not a fan of having a juicer at home. It is a lot of work cleaning up and another gadget taking up space in my kitchen. I would rather go buy some fresh juice for a few dollars. I do a semi-homemade juice with my blender. It taste just like fresh juice and it is way easier!
What to do:
ORANGE JUICE (enough to fill blender 3/4. I always do 75% juice then dilute with 25% water) You can use frozen concentrate too.
FRESH FRUIT-about 2-4 cups (I like using old bananas or strawberries. The old bananas make it super sweet. You can use other fruit just make sure it's fruit that doesn't have to much pulp. Add everything in the blender and blend away.When I use strawberries I add the whole strawberrie, stem and everything. You can get extra greens in this way. Just make sure you blend very long and stir before you serve.
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