Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Three Favorite Wild Flowers

All the nature that is here in NC is one of the reasons I love living here. We live right in the middle of a National Forest so we get see wild life everyday and not just animals but flowers and trees. Everything is getting really green because of the tropical weather season coming and it is absolutely beautiful. Every year by our house there are a ton of wild flowers that bloom. Before we lived here and just vacationed here I always wanted to take pictures. So now that we live here we got the chance.

The pictures didn't come out how I liked except for a couple of Boomer. The lighting at his height was perfect and I didn't get a picture of all the boys smiling at once. The boys on their own decided to put flowers on their hats and Boomer was just not having it because his flower was not set perfect! So in half the pictures he is covering his face or has a pouting face. He finally eased up a little and I got some decent pictures.

It sure was beautiful and you know Akai had to pick me some flowers because he knew I would want to bring some home. What a sweetheart ;)

My boys love doing stuff like this. They were very excited when I told them we were going to a field with hundreds of flowers ;)

Laugh and Love

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