Thursday, April 17, 2014

Healthy Food Shots Lately

Here are some healthier food options from the last month. I know my blog is about healthy eats but I just wanted to say I do eat unhealthy foods BUT it is definitely not all the time or everyday. I try to to eat the unhealthy things in moderation. I think everyone should indulge at least a couple times a week just watch your portion control!

Here is a tomato and roasted red pepper soup I got from Trader Joe's. I use it as a base and ad whatever vegetables I have in my fridge with a protein. I added tofu for the protein, okra and a frozen veggie pack of carrots, peas and corn with some fresh basil. I let it simmer til the veggies were soft. You can add chicken and it would be really good :)

My friend made this really good red quinoa dish. You can get the recipe here.

Here is some Chipotle Hummus with Tabbouleh and a romaine lettuce salad with green peppers and carrots.

My grocery cart from Trader Joe's. I really miss having one right down the street. The chicken drumsticks are ridiculously cheap, they are all natural and only about $3. Avocados, Quinoa and Coconut water are a must at all times in my house.

EATING OUT!! I love indulging when eating out, when I actually love it! Every time I eat out I am always unsatisfied because I feel like home cooked meals are better. We ate out at an Mexican restaurant and I almost always order ceviche. It is not too high in calories except for the tortilla. I ate one of these and brought the rest home.

Here is a salad I made with black bean/mixed grain pattie I had posted last week. I get the pattie and add a salad on top with some dresssing. You can get the recipe for the patties here.

An easy way to be healthier is to add vegetables. Eating just pasta is not very good for you. Adding a salad or some steamed vegetables makes all the difference and of course myglass of VINO!

Hope you are having a great week!!

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