Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Steak Leftovers

A super easy way for me to eat healthy is salads. I know your probably feeling blahhhh when you hear that because I know salads can be boring! I definitely can relate, but for me it is all about the end result. Being able to discipline yourself or having self control is definitely worth all that hard work paying off in the end whether it is for losing weight, being healthy or just a mental challenge. I know eating healthy is very hard when you start in the beginning. You feel like your an alcoholic not being able to drink but after you start eating healthy on a regular basis all that junk and crappie food you ate will eventually sound gross to you! If your a junk food junkie and are trying to start eating healthy don't get angry with yourself for going off track! If your eating healthier then you were before then your off to a great start. Just keep it up and slowly add more healthy foods in your diet ;)
 During the winter on cold days I always want something nice and hot to eat and eating a cold salad is just not satisfying! I will grab whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and cut them up. I will also get whatever protein I have as leftovers which was steak for me and sauté them in a pan, with olive oil and garlic until it is wilted. I'll pour some dressing (I used balsamic glaze below) and have a nice hot meal that is super lean and healthy!
* I try to not eat red meats too much and tend to replace it with chicken, beans or seeds. Everything in moderation!

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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of salads, either, but it is possible to get a little creative with them--I've found I can even get my husband to eat a salad for dinner if I put chopped hardboiled eggs and a bit of leftover grilled chicken in it!

    1. That is great! I have been trying to get my husband to eat more salads too!

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  3. This sounds perfect for the cooler weather we have these days! Thanks for sharing. :)