Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Orange Extract

Originally I wanted to make some orange oil. I searched for a recipe online on how to make it and came up with this one, they are all pretty much the same so if your trying to make orange oil I think this is more of an extract. I wanted the orange oil to mix with coconut oil for a face moisturizer but I think I will end up buying some. As for the extract I made I will probably bake some cranberry muffins and add a little of the orange extract in them. Sounds like it might taste pretty good. A mistake can turn into something great! Maybe I will make other extracts soon.
orange peels

For the orange extract you simple peel an orange peel and let it dry for about two days. I tore it into small pieces so it would dry faster. You can see picture below. Then cover the dry peels in vodka and let sit for a few days. The longer you let it sit the darker it will get. I put mine in a mason jar so it would seal well.

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