Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Tree Branch Card Holder

I live in the middle of a forest so it's super easy finding natural stuff to decorate my house with. It made it even easier for me because my friend just moved down the street and was cutting trees down. I ended up finding a perfect branch from a Crepe Myrtle tree at her house to make a Christmas card holder with. I already had a bottle of white spray paint so I spray painted it white and stuck in in a pot I had succulents in. I placed some white Christmas lights around it and it was done. This is a really easy DIY project, took me 10 minutes of labor and there are endless ways to decorate. You can use a different color or even put glitter on it. Use your imagination. If you don't have anything in your yard you can always go on a hike and find some, get some fresh air also ;) If your not up for a nature hike my favorite place to buy branches are at Blooms and Branches. Manazanita are my favorite branches to use and recommend those the most.

Bring on the cards!

The kids love the lights although I would recommend a white cord.

Laugh and Love

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