Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A week ago I was watching a Christmas movie with the kids wishing it would snow for the holidays and last night it came true, it snowed! My husband woke all of us up at 12 midnight yelling it's snowing it's snowing! He was even making snowballs in the middle of the night, lol! It didn't snow much which is pretty normal for here, just barely covered the ground but we love it just as much as a big snow storm.
It's funny because the next morning I went to drop Akai off at school. I saw the snow on the windshield of our van and just thought "oh I'll wipe it off". Well that didn't work. I had the defrosters on and it was taking forever and Akai and I keep saying we are going to be late! I kept turning the windshield wipers on then jumping out of the car trying to wipe it off the windshield with my husbands hard hat(that was all I had). It wouldn't come off and we were going to he late.  So I drove to the bus stop looking out the window, my windshield covered in snow. One of the neighbors saw me and just giggled. California girl is now in North Carolina! Tomorrow I'll have to turn the van on early so this doesn't happen again. It sure was funny though. Akai and I laughing the whole time. A good memory ;)

Ready for school


  1. It won't let me sign into my account- Pictures are beautiful!

  2. & back in the 70's Sunday and Monday.:)

    1. I know weather is confused! Best of both worlds.