Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Leaves are Falling

 When I lived in Coastal California I remember speaking to people from out of state telling me how there were no seasons, and I always thought to myself yes there is. It gets cold and hot! Now that I live in North Carolina I see what they mean. I still live coastal here and the weather isn't dramatic but I see the little difference. There is actually leaves Falling and a lot! Yesterday we helped one of my closest friends move right down the street from us, which I am so excited about. We took some photos of myself and Lil Georgiee in her front yard because the leaves were so beautiful to me. Then after I helped her rake them all up! Let me tell you it was a workout all in it's own. I would much rather be raking leaves then buying a gym membership. It was peaceful to me. So much I am going back today to help her do her backyard :) Hope everyone is enjoying Fall as much as I am. Love the weather and you know I love boot Season as well!

On a side note I fix my commenting so anyone can comment now and would love to hear from you all. I would love to hear about every ones weather and also some recommendations on other good blogs to follow you think I would like.

Laugh and Love,


  1. I didn't know there was something wrong with them.

    1. A few people told me they couldn't comment and I realized I had my anonymous comments off. Whoops!