Friday, October 4, 2013

Atlantic Fresh Caught Fish

My husband and neighbor went fishing about 30 miles out from shore and ended up bringing some fish home. A king mackerel, amberjack and a few false albacore. I cooked up the mackerel and amberjack and they were amazing. I definitely get spoiled here with all the fresh seafood I get. There is nothing like having fresh caught fish. No fishy old flavor like the frozen kind! I cooked the fish in a pan with some lawrys seasoning that is soooo good. This seasoning is good with everything. I've made it with pork chops, chicken and shrimp. My kids and husband love the seasoning also.

Seasoning Mix:
Lawry's Sweet Blend Citrus and Basil Rub
California Lemon Peel
Fresh garlic minced
Fresh Lime juice, lemon is good also
Coconut Oil
Thai chili peppers (optional)

Rub first 4 ingredients on both sides of meat until it is fully covered. The amount depends on how much flavor you would like but you can always add more right before you eat. Add a little coconut oil, about a tablespoon to pan and let oil heat up. Add fish and cook on low heat until flaky. You can sear it or cook it well done whatever you prefer. Came out great. I'll add a lime wedge on the side also.

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