Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Affordable Healthy/Organic Shopping

Most people tend to think you have to shop at health food stores to be healthy when there are other alternatives to affordable healthy and also organic shopping. I do most of my grocery shopping at Costco and Sam's club. If you buy anything in bulk it will always be cheaper. Costco and Sam's Club offer many organic foods and it's way cheaper then a smaller health food store with fancy packaging (I still shop at the smaller health food stores or online for certain items I can not get anywhere eles) I posted some pictures of items you can get at Costco and Sam's Club that are extremely cheaper equaling to about half the price from your regular health/grocery store.

Milk is also another cheaper one I didn't post. Walmart also has really low priced organic milk at about $4.15 per gallon, only $1 more then regular milk (Yes Walmart, I shop there and if your too good to shop there or admit you do then stop reading my blog)

Below is quinoa. One bags is about $4.50 and it's organic. Can't beat that.

Here I have Organic Spinach and Spring Mix. Only about $4.

Organic Olive Oil. Two of these run about $21.

Flax Seed runs about $15.

Some other healthy foods non-organic that are affordable.

Coconut Oil is a must also. This huge organic container is about $15.

These are just a few of my favorites of shopping at Costco and Sam's Club on top of stopping at the food court on the way out!

Laugh and Love and HEALTH

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