Monday, September 30, 2013

A Discipline Story

I wanted to share an experience I had the other day when I was shopping in Hobby Lobby. I had my 3 year old son Mykah with me only. The moment I took him from the car he was telling me he didn't want to go in. I just kept telling him "mommy has some things to get, it won't be long". Of course he kept complaining as I was walking in the store and his whining  kept getting worse and worse. "But I don't want to go here" over and over again. I just kept telling him I have things I need but of course he kept saying more often he didn't want to be there. I got to the jewerly isle looking at the items I wanted to purchase, Mykah sitting in the cart. He said again with much attitude this time and a real bratty whine "I don't want to be here". I turned to him looked him in his face and said very sternly "TOO BAD". He was quiet after that. A lady from a different isle had heard me with my son from the moment we walked in the store. She ended up coming over to me telling me she thought I was a great parent and that most parents should say no to their kids instead of using distraction. She was telling me this was her second time in the store that week because she had tried to come in with her children, who were whining just like my son and instead of telling them "too bad" she tried to distract them. She didn't get her shopping in that time and that was why she was there alone the second time. While we were speaking another couple came to me, who heard me also and told me they thought it was great how I handled it and said they think parents should handle situations like this the same way.(I could have went to the toy isle and gave him a toy to get him quiet but what would that do just make him get his way and I would suffer every time I want to go shopping) I was a little overwhelmed because I really wasn't thinking too much about it. I told them repeatedly thank you so much.  I was really touched and flattered by them, I really in a little shock.
I have been thinking a lot about what happened in hobby lobby. When my first son was born I ALWAYS tried to use distraction and til this day when he hears the word no it's like war. When my first was born I read all these parenting articles about how distracting is good and other parents or non parents telling me how distracting was better and a more calming way of disciplining. Well from my experience I feel like my kids need to hear "no" and they need to hear it a lot. Life gives you a lot of no's and situations you won't like. You just have deal with it, accept it, be quiet, don't whine and move on. ;) Akai, Mykah and Lil Georgiee, if you read this one day it's something you need to remember. Love, Mom
A few pictures I love ♡

Fishing on our pier
My oldest doing his algebra homework
Lil Georgiee playing
Puzzle Time
My husband holding Mykah when he was 
a baby, Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital
Laguna Beach Pregnancy Shoot
Laugh and Love

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