Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Misconception of being "SKINNY".

I read and speak to people a lot that tend to think healthy is being skinny and that is not the case at all. I definitely believe in staying in your BMI (body mass index). This is your healthy weight for your height. If you do stay in this range and EAT HEALTHY the majority of the time you are less prone to getting common colds and less cause of getting diseases or having health problems. You can check your BMI here. I am 5'4 weighing 128 lbs. My BMI is between 110 lbs to 145lbs, give or take a few pounds depending on the person. (If you have a lot of muscle you can way more then your BMI) I can be a little bigger or "skinny" but I would still be considered HEALTHY. So depending on what you are comfortable with there is all types of healthy sizes!
When it comes to someone being "skinny" it doesn't mean they eat healthy it just means they don't eat much.There are many people I know who eat large portions of healthy foods and weigh more because of their portion control. Then there are people who are "skinny" that eat sweets and sugar everyday but very little. Quinoa is very healthy but 1 tiny cup of it cooked is 214 calories. If you ate 2 servings at one meal that equals to 428 calories just in quinoa aside from what else your eating. Or you could eat a McDonald's double cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard that equals 430 calories. As you can see quinoa has much more nutrients then a McDonald's cheeseburger but are almost the same calories. I could get into more depth about fats but overall calories is what you count.
So depending on what size you want to be or what your comfortable with, as long as your health is good and you concentrate on portion control you don't have to be "skinny" to be healthy!
I have also posted some pictures of examples of foods I have eaten during my weight loss journey!  Some healthy some not. I wanted to show people that you can still eat foods high in fat and loose weight.If I do eat foods high in fat more often I'll cut it in half or even just eat a quarter of it. Below I ate half the burrito. The Oyster Po Boy I ate a quarter of it, tossed the bread out and just ate the oysters and sweet potato fries, that was obviously a cheat day but I still get to eat some non healthy foods once in a while. Balance is the key.

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