Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Life is My Garden

The title of this post says it all. I miss my garden. My husband came home the other day from thrift shopping, he was suppose to be finding stuff for work but instead found stuff for me ♡. Brought me beautiful shells, a white coral centerpiece and my favorite of all, a shell container. So I immediately went and bought a few succulents to put in it.
I love succulents.  If you don't have a good green thumb these are the plant for you! They are so easy to take care because they are drought tolerant.  So if you feel a little lazy about watering, no big deal let them dry up! Afterall they are a desert plant.From my experience they actually do a lot better dry and in the direct sun, they have more beautiful colors come out this way.
Below is a picture of the arrangement I made in the glass shell. Mu husband found it for $5! I didn't even take the succulents out of their container. I just slipped them in tightly.
The second picture is of my last garden in California. I am planning on doing something similar to this in my front yard but instead a three tier fountain or a few barrels pouring into each other. Can't wait!

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