Sunday, July 14, 2013

Curry Chicken

I love curry! My kids love it too. Not only does it taste soooo good the benefits of tumeric ( what curry powder is mostly made of, it's what makes curry its yellow orange color) are extremely good for you.

Some benefits of tumeric
1. Antioxidant
2. Use to treat eczema
3. Prevents certain Cancers
4.Relieves arthritis
5. Controls Diabetes
6.Immune Booster
7.Heals Wounds/ antibiotic
9. Prevents Alzheimers Disease
10.Weight Management
11. Improves Digestion
12.Prevents Liver Disease

Here is a recipe I made.


Calories per serving: 204 Skin not eaten.

If you eat it with 1 cup steamed rice add 206 calories.

16 ounces Blue Diamond coconut milk  

 5 chicken thighs skinless or whatever chicken you prefer. 

3 tablespoons curry powder

1.5 cups carrots

1 cup cabbage

Fish sauce or salt to taste

Cilantro and Basil for garnish ( you can use any herb, mint is really good also)

Add all the ingredients in a pot except fish sauce and herbs. Let simmer about an hour or until chicken is done. Skim of fat and foam from top of curry. Add fish sauce or salt to taste. Garnish with herbs.

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