Friday, July 12, 2013

Benefits of Houseplants

If you don't know I absolutely love plants and flowers. I can't live without them. I always have to have plants in my house. I have one in every corner of my house. They are not just for looks and decorating either. There are many reasons why I am drawn to them. Here is a list in order of why I love and recommend them so much.
1. They are a part of nature.They are calming and and make a room or person feel less stressed.  That is probably why people take vacations to beautiful places like the beach, jungle or forest.
2. Improve Air Quality. Photosenthesis. Plants and humans are natural partners.  Without plants in your house nothing is filtering the carbon monoxide your breathing out especially if you have the ac on all the time and doors closed. So make sure to buy plants that can filter out the carbon monoxide.
3. Humidity. Plants release moisture which increased the airs humidity helping respiratory distress. ( When your kids are sick and the doc says get a humidifier) Plants help prevent colds naturally because the air isn't fake.
4. Plants soil is like a filter. Everything your house is made up of paint, synthetic fibers, ink, paper, etc is filtered through the plants soil into the root converting it to food for the plant.
5. They are gorgeous!!! Who wouldn't want a beautifully plant or flower to look at everyday! ♡
        Some plants from my living room. 

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