Thursday, July 25, 2013

Asian Slaw with Black Sesame Chips

Since we moved I am no longer close to my mom who always cooked for us. She is a great cook and everyone who knows her will say that. I have had to figure out how to cook all the yummy food she cooked for my family and I when we were living in California. I have been coming up with my own versions and it's been working out pretty good! I made my version of a traditional Vietnamese dish. They normally use cabbage but I did it a little different and it came out great! This is great for a low-cal and gluten free diet. Really great for healthy and clean eating.

Servings: 1  Calories: 370

1/2 cup shredded cooked chicken
1 cup soy bean sprouts
1/2 cup herbs (I used spearmint, fish mint, cilantro, basil)
2-3 tablespoons nuoc cham recipe here
Siracha hot sauce (to your taste)
1 sheet sesame spring roll

Toss all the ingredients together except rice paper.

Place one sheet of rice paper in microwave for 1 minute. It will fluff up like a chip. Break it into chip sizes.

Place asian slaw on chips and enjoy!

Make sure you make the slaw first so it can sit at least 10 minutes for a slight pickle/coleslaw effect.

Here is the Asian Slaw with rice chips.

Here is what the package looks like at the asian store.

Here is what the rice paper looks like after being microwaved. Kinda weird!

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