Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your Water

Water is the best for your health. It flushes your body out and hydrates you. When you drink the right amount of water your skin will clear and look beautiful not dry. It will look HEALTHY!

The best water to drink is all natural spring water.  Spring waters ph ranges from a 7.2-7.5 just barley alkaline. My favorite is Figi or Evian. Although they are from natural springs there is a vicious cycle of chlorine and contaminates because of the BPA in the plastic of the water bottles. Can we ever get out of this cycle?!!! The best would be to move to natural water but no one is going to do that, although moving to Figi or Europe doesn't sound too bad! So the only other option is buying a filter. My last house we had a Halo stage 5 on our whole house. It was actually a reverse osmosis filter which is good in some ways but from what I've read it takes all the contaminates out but also takes the good out. I'm still reseaching on a great filter. I would like to find a good one that has a decent warranty for the price.
There is a couple options for all price ranges. You can get just one for drinking water(pitcher), one for the kitchen sink and if you want to go big get one for your whole house. If you don't want to put any money into a filter I would buy bottled water or let a pitcher of water sit for 24 hours so atleast the chlorine can evaporate. Think about yourself and your kids bathing in pool water everyday. The hot water opens your pores and the chlorine absorbs in your skin, yuck! So instead of buying chlorine free baby wipes or organic toothpaste save up some money and buy a filter. It is sooo worth it!
Remember,just because you can't taste chlorine doesn't mean it's not there. Most filterd's don't actually filter the chlorine out, it just takes the taste away!

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