Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life as Little Boys

There is nothing more crazier in life then my three little boys. From the moment they wake up it's nonstop laughing. They immediately in the morning come wake me up jumping and wrestling on my bed reminding me of what my day is going to be like. As we speak they are jumping around, pillows are hitting my face as they are playing. From potty training, cooking three meals a day, cleaning up toys non stop, laundry and deciplining there is hardly a break. I barely have ten minutes to write this blog but I'm glad I make the time documenting this little boys. Once I get something done it's on to the next. It's funny when my Father and sister come over they always say something similar to "you never sit down" or "you have a lot of patience". I just laugh to myself. It is such a crazy life having All BOYS but I love them sooo much ♡.

Playing Pool Side
Nothing like your couch getting taken apart for a fort.
Boys in potty traing but would like to help mommy bake naked!
My 3 year old. 95% potty trained day and night!

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