Monday, June 3, 2013

Croatan National Forest

We live right in the middle of the Croatan National Forest. I absolutely love all the nature that comes with it.
Below are pictures I have captured this last month.
There are so many beautiful birds around here. There colors are bright reds and blues. I love watching them. Recently we have found a nest of blue birds in our  yard. I was so amazed with these babies. I went to take a picture and accidently hit the tree branch and there little mouths opened for their mother, chirping thinking food was coming. It was the sweetest moment. So I hit the branch again and snapped a picture.
We have also saved some box turtles crossing the street. I let the kids take one home for a couple days and they enjoyed it so much. He was not shy at all. He just kept sticking his head out curious about what was going on. We fed him kale and apples and he loved it. The kids are so anxious to find another and I wouldn't mind at all either if we found one again.

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